About Me

Image by Barbara Bogacka

My name is Maria Opidowicz.  I have been teaching English for 10 years in Poland, Spain and England, and recently I started teaching meditation – I am a mindfulness teacher qualified  by Mindful Academy and  the British Association of Yoga Alliance Professionals. Rather than saying that ‘I am teaching’, I would prefer to say that I am inspiring and sharing my experience and knowledge about the mindfulness practice.

Why do I do that?

Back in my teenage years, I already had a huge need to achieve a distance towards life and the challenges we face every day. I knew, or rather, I felt intuitively that there was a way to live with more ease and freedom, and meditation turned out to be that solution.

I started meditating in 2010 which for me was a moment of hard knocks and struggles but also breakthroughs and new discoveries. After a month of meditating, I felt how stress – my omnipresent companion, started slowly  fading out giving way to more joy, creativity and courage. My ability to concentrate and my work efficiency increased significantly. Thanks to mediation, I discovered I could do more and better because I had built a closer relationship with myself. I found out that it doesn’t always pay off to listen to all the thoughts generated by our mind.I learned how  the shift in my attitude and interpretation of reality can in a flash change my emotional state.

I have been meditating regularly since 2010 and I can firmly state that mindfulness and meditation is the most valuable skill I have ever leant. I started to get interested in personal development and psychology. I got to know my patterns through psychotherapy, I started to work with Reiki and Bars technique. Lately, I have been exploring the details of Total Biology and psychogenealogy.
Mindfulness practice  is my constant companion  in my inner quest to discover myself. When I slowly inhale and then exhale, I come back to my body. I calm down my mind and I feel how mindfulness becomes a mirror in which I can see my true self.


I want to pass on and share what mindfulness gives me and millions of people around the world. I want to show how in today’s world overloaded with information, haste and distraction  we can find solace and peace in ourselves. I want to prove that meditation does not equal Buddhism, that it is not singing mantras and burning incense nor is it withdrawing from life. It’s the opposite – getting immersed  in the smells, flavours, sensations and it’s experiencing life to its fullest. I want to show that slower means more intense.

What do I do when I don’t work or meditate?

I spend my free time in nature having a rest from the city. I run, play tennis, go hiking and I practise  5Rythms dance. I cook vegetarian food and read books soaking in the knowledge about human being and the world around.   … and I bring into play what I learn on the meditation pillow 🙂

I’ll be happy to be your companion  in your mindfulness journey and in our shared practice 🙂


Certified Meditation Teacher

in the process of certification for MBSR trainer