Mindfulness For Business

Change the way you think at work and about work . Start by training your mind – your creativity and productivity will increase, and you will feel greater job satisfaction.

Workplace Mindfulness

The best-performing companies in the world, such as Google, Apple, Nike, McKinsey & Co or Yahoo !, invest in mindfulness. Why? Because the foundation of every organization are people who know how to use their potential. Mindfulness is a state of mind in which concentration and creativity lead the way, and employees’ motivation starts to thrive making your company a better workplace.

What does the employee gain?

  • better ability to deal with stress
  • greater motivation to work
  • more creativity and concentration
  • increased job satisfaction
  • ability to build good relationships at work and in personal life

What does the company gain?

  • a more friendly and better working environment
  • better productivity of the entire organization
  • greater job satisfaction
  • fewer sick leaves

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MindHarmony offers mindfulness programs tailored to the needs of each company:

Introduction to Mindfulness – 2.5 hours
During the meeting, the idea of mindfulness  and its implementation in the workplace will be introduced. In addition, participants will take part in two or three guided meditations. There will be time for questions and discussion.

Mindfulness programs:

8 weeks MBSR – 8 meetings once a week, each lasting 2 hours. Stress reduction training based on the standardised  MBSR program.

2 or 4 week modules – 2 or 4 meetings once a week, a program focusing on selected issues of the 8 week MBSR. The duration of a single session will be adjusted to your preferences.

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