Reduce stress and start enjoying your life practising mindfulness.


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MBSR Programme

Sign up to an 8- week Stress Reduction Programme based on mindfulness approach.

Individual Sessions

Book mindfulness sessions that are adjusted just to you and your needs.

For Business

Order workshops or regular mindfulness sessions for your workers to boost their wellbeing.

Ruth A. Flora

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My name is Maria Opidowicz, I teach how not to miss out on your life due to stress and everyday haste.

I chose this path because among many skills that I got equipped with by the education system, one important was missing – the skill to be in charge of my own attention.

Thanks to mindfulness I learned this skill, additionally, gaining the ability to cope with the overwhelming amount of thoughts in my head and the emotions which often made my life difficult.

 In 2019 I  got certified as a mindfulness trainer and a meditation teacher at Mindful Academy and  I set up MindHarmony. I started to teach meditation and  mindfulness – I run mindfulness programmes, meditation sessions for groups and one on one sessions. I also work with companies providing workshops on stress reduction and regular mindfulness practice.

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